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Did you know? The key to a company growing it’s bottom line year on year  is having the right people in the right job position. Our role specific psychometric assessments are the key to ensuring productivity through having the right people in the right job.
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Psychometric assessments: Unfortunately, when most people think of psychometric assessments for jobs they think of these as exams which you either pass and get the job or fail and do not. The good news is that psychometric assessments should not really be thought of in this way. Such assessments are concerned with describing and understanding a person's abilities. They are not used solely to make selection decisions but are used in conjunction with other methods such as CVs, application forms and interviews, to help build up a more detailed picture of a candidate. There are two main areas of psychometric assessments: 1) Those which assess typical performance such as personality, values and motivational questionnaires. These are not usually timed, and there are no right or wrong answers. These kinds of psychometric assessment are used to find out more about whether your personality will fit with the team and the company and whether the role will interest you. 2) Those which assess maximum performance and competency. These are competency assessments which look at your numerical, verbal and general reasoning abilities or specific job related skills. These are perhaps the kind of psychometric assessments which those applying for a job may be most concerned about as they do have right and wrong answers and are usually timed to assess competency for the specific job role. Why do employers use psychometric assessments? You can probably appreciate that selecting; recruiting and training the right person for a job is a costly and timely investment by any business. However it is an even more costly mistake if a business recruits the wrong person for the job, which in turn can be a disappointing and often demoralising experience for the individual. To avoid this type of situation occurring, more and more employers today are recognising the benefit of introducing a more thorough and robust recruitment process into their business. This recruitment process needs to provide the potential employer with factual, reliable information about all the job candidates, in order that they can make an accurate and fair recruitment decision. Of course, this also has the added benefit of allowing you to decide whether you think the job role and employer are suited to you as well. Although interviews themselves are widely used they do not always provide the potential employer with enough accurate information to help them predict future job performance or assess compentency. Interview decisions alone can also fall prey to the interviewer’s individual perceptions and judgements of the candidate – which might not necessarily be that accurate. Using other assessment methods, such as psychometric assessments, help to provide a fully rounded picture of the candidate as well as their competency and offer a much more structured approach to recruitment. Psychometric and non-psychometric assessments we offer: Potential Assessments, Competency Assessments, Job Profiled Assessments, Risk Assessments, Stress Assessments, Personality Assessments, Performance Appraisals, Team Assessments, 360 Appraisals, MBTI, StressMaster, Kearsy and PIBSpEEx.
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